Friday, September 11, 2009

Fancy fan or not??

I love Spanish fans. I think they are just gorgeous. I have been thinking of adding a little Spanish flair to my subtle 1920's inspired wedding (after all, we are getting married in FL and I am half Puerto Rican) but I haven't figured out just how to incorperate.

We are getting married in January . It will be warmer than most places but still not likely warm enough to make fans any necessity.

Nevertheless, I am considering them for the bridesmaids and myself or even just for some fun pictures. What do you think?? Here are some that I LOVE!


  1. I also adore Spanish fans; I prefer the seond one here. It's so delicate, elegant and pretty, and it adds romance! Of course it depends on the colour combo you are having; but how about you have the ivory/cream (if that's your dress colour) and the bridesmaids have a different one?

  2. Ooooo I LOVE the second one. So pretty and elegant.

  3. The first one is really pretty and traditional. Second one is more classy and elegant. I like them both, but as "Girl Gatsby" said, it depends on your color scheme.


  4. I would agree to that! It’s actually a perfect choice and taste! So sexy and more classy, right? I bet these lovely fans is definitely perfect for bridesmaids. Anyway, I just passed to see what’s keepin you kicking! Hope you’re having a wonderful time as couples. Wish you could post some photos, too!

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