Saturday, June 27, 2009

Let there be Light!

I have been stressing about centerpieces! I know, there is plenty of time between now and my wedding to find centerpieces but for some reason, I couldn't get them off my mind.

Our wedding location does not have tons of lighting. It was suggested that our centerpieces provide additional lighting. With the theme of the wedding and the overall look of the venue, I decided that lanterns would look amazing.

Can I just tell you, finding lanterns is tough! I searched all over the web, through popular stores, ect. but found nothing that I LOVED and was within our budget. Forever trying to find the best deal but LOVE what my end product is, I was frustrated by the amount of time this was taking.
Enter Planner/BFF for the next 7 months. She mentioned that she saw gorgeous lanterns at and they would be within our budget! The very next day my lunch break was used to find such lanterns. When I saw them, I fell in LOVE. Cautiously, I purchased one to show Groomzilla. After all, he also was looking for such lanterns and I knew he'd want to see what I came up with.

Groomzilla approved so now I was on a mission to find enough for all my tables. It took 4 trips and 4 different stores before we found enough! One specific trip was too funny to not share.
August15bride and I went shopping on our lunch break. We found 13 at that store and piled them into the back of my Mini Cooper. She suggests, might the candles melt in my car? Dismissing this, we head into our office for the rest of the afternoon.

After work, I headed to my car, opened the door, and I was instantly hit by a massive smell bomb of melted citronella candle! LOL. She was oh so right! As I drove home, all I could think of was that if I got pulled over, I was going to tell the police officer I was on my way to girl scout camp. The evidence would clearly resignate through the window and could be seen piled in the back of my Cooper. LOL Certainly a lady on her way to girl scout camp shouldn't get a ticket. :)
Luckily, I wasn't pulled over and luckily, my intention were never to use the candles that came in the lanterns. We will get red candles to match our colors. I am happy to report that we purchased all the lanterns needed and I am on to obsess about other things..

Here's a photo! Photo compliments of Groomzilla...

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  1. Okay so I've seen these in person and they RoCK! You have to check out IKEA on Adamo Drive too!!! They have the most amazing lanterns there and in the same price range!!!! They have a crap load of red candles too!!!