Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bridesmaid Dresses? Check!

Today we went bridesmaid dress shopping!  I have been so excited all week since I heard that all of my girls were gonna be able to go shopping today (with the exception of my sis who is out of state, boo).  

It was such a super fun day!  I have to tell you that I LOVE my bridesmaids!  These amazing women come from all areas of my life.  None of them have really spent any time together but they all got along from first sight!  I am so happy that this wedding will also serve as an opportunity for the women I most love to learn more about each other.  

We went to the White House Black Market Outlet at Ellenton.  One of my favorite stores of all time is WHBM.  Their look is just so timeless (enter laughter from my girls, who heard me use this word numerous times throughout the day).  My colors are black, red, white or cream, and possibly some gold accents.  I thought this was the perfect place for us to start.  The dresses are all so reasonable and everything they have falls within our color scheme.

My girls were worried about the likeliness of them finding matching/coordinating dresses but I wasn't swayed.  I told them that all black dresses probably would be best at this time since I haven't picked my gown, but I was open.  They asked me whether they should wear the same material?  I told them don't worry about it, we would see what they picked and if they worked together.  

My gut was right on!  They picked out gorgeous dresses and almost all of them matched even before they tried them on.  All 5 of us (3 girls, plus me and mom) worked together to find two extremely similar styles that really compliment each other!  The girls tried them on and they all looked stunning!  

Amazing!  This could not have been much easier.  We found perfect dresses for all of my girls within a half an hour.  Who has even heard of such a thing?

The best thing about the dresses, besides that my knockout bridesmaids will rock them is that 
they can wear the time and time again!  These are perfect for so many occassions from weddings, to cocktail parties, to just nights on the town with their sweeties.  All this came with a price tag that kept them smiling.  

I can't express how excited I am to have my these ladies stand by my side at my wedding but to boot, I know they are going to look spectacular in dresses they love too!  

This is one of the dresses..  The other one isn't listed online at this time.  

Find this at

Share your story about finding your bridesmaid dresses!  

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