Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rockin the Night Before Away!

One of my biggest fears of being an out of town bride was finding a rehearsal dinner location. When we headed down to Sarasota last Friday, this fear was on the forefront of my mind. I fear no longer! We found the most fun place to have our rehearsal dinner and we will certainly be rockin the night before away..

Drum roll!!! Or rather, Honk your Horn! The rehearsal dinner will be at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum! This place is cool!

So here is how it happened...

Groom and I were driving to scope out the wedding location (once again) when I got a novel idea. Wouldn't some of our guests love to stop in the Sarasota Classic Car Museum on their down time? Groom and I had been to a classic car museum in my hometown and had a really great time. Both Groom's dad and mine are both avid classic car guys. My dad has a Ford Fairlane and I have a 1965 Morris Minor (a lesser known fact about me, Dad graciously stores it in his garage).

Here's a pic of a 1965 Morris Minor (look a lot like mine)...

And here is a picture of a Ford Fairlane...

One of my most memorable moments growing up was when my dad took me on the back of his motorcycle (also a classic now) to a classic car show in a neighboring town. Dad and I checked out all of the classic cars and had a great time. Then dad and I joined a pancake breakfast that was being held as part of the show. Man it was cool! When dad and I sped off on his Norton bike, I knew I'd always remember that day. Growing up, there were plenty other swap meets and car shows for dad and I, but there was something memorable about that day. I don't think I will ever forget it.

Ok back to the story about the rehearsal dinner location. So we decided to stop in the museum and check it out. It has this certain old 1950's Florida appeal as you drive up. We were greeted by an adorable lady who answered all of our questions.

My first question was the most important. Can you bring in your own food? You see, Groom's brother actually graduated from culinary school and we really wanted him to cook for our rehearsal dinner. The lady was so cute when she told of "that is an option, I had a potluck here for my birthday". This was quickly becoming our favorite option.

Groom and I checked out the whole museum looking at notable cars owned by the Beetles and Ringlings. We loved the place! We chatted with the catering manager and were sold. Groom's parents graciously decided to fuel our little drive down memory lane, to which we are extremely greatful! Everyone was on board with our plan. Now I can't wait for our classic rehearsal dinner!

To check out the museum go to...

Here are some great shots of events within the space.

This is the outside space.
We found a great place that really grasps one of our shared loves.
Is anyone else having their rehearsal dinner at a unique location?