Sunday, April 26, 2009

The decision to get a planner - My bff for the next 9 months!

I fought my fiance tooth and nail not to get a planner. "Oh, I can do it! I am great at planning events! It is going to be so much fun!" Very soon I realized two things 1) it is way more fun when it isn't your own budget 2) Time is key and well I don't have much of that!

I told my fiance that our planner better be my new best friend for the next 9 months because I will likely rely on her more than anyone. When we found Anna, I knew she was gonna do great as my new bff... Anna likes to give hugs when we say goodbye, lol, she is already up our alley! She is so receptive to our ideas and is willing to think outside of the box. With our location already selected, when we chose our planner, we knew we wanted someone with experience at our place. Anna has done tons of events at our location and used to work with a big-time caterer near there. She has a lot of connections in the area and has been able to negotiate some great deals in the past.

We knew we had our girl when she was receptive to hearing our non-conventional ideas like making our own programs, invitations, and bouquets. She even gave great ideas of where to find our supplies and has offered her help in putting things together.

Since we found Anna I have been WAY less stressed! Instead of having numbers floating around in our heads, we now have an amazing spreadsheet with everything lined out. She also keeps us updated every couple days with new ideas she has.

So far Anna has decreased my stress level, offered her time and crafty services for our do-it-ourselves, and given hugs when needed. Isn't that what a bff is all about???

Anyone else hiring a planner? Why or why not?

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