Monday, April 27, 2009

My Groomzilla - Reinforcing why he is the one

So I like to make fun of my Groomzilla. In fact it has quickly become my favorite joke to make. The truth is though, I wouldn't have it any other way. An overactive groom can be overwhelming at times but when it come down to it, he is all I could ask for.

Some of my friends have told me that their grooms didn't help with any of the details. I have heard stories of fighting because he doesn't care about the color of the linens or doesn't understand how it is so difficult to choose between three flowers that are all the same color? A rose is a rose, right? Or, they aren't all three roses? LOL.

My groom has played a super active role in our planning. In fact, he chose our location. Yep, ladies, he went on the web (probably and found a place he wanted to marry me. He had specifics of what he wanted and he found just the perfect place.

Out of all the details my groom has helped out with, there is one that I emphasize is necessary not only for a successful wedding but also a successful marriage. That is the awful B word, BUDGET..

My fiance are I are at the reigns of our budget. The two of us poor over details and numbers practically every day. My fiance has spreadsheets and Microsoft Money all over our budget. I can't imagine not having him there for me regarding these important details that really impact our continuing lives together. In fact, his assistance in this has shown me exactly how financially responsible he is and I appreciate that for our future lives together. I know he will take care of me and make sure we are comfortable.

Although my groom sometimes drives me crazy when he make comments about ideas for my wedding dress (a conversation that is now COMPLETELY off limits to him) and who I can have in my bride's room, having him play an active role in our planning reiterates the exact reasons I am marrying him. I know he will take care of me, I know he will support me emotionally, and I know that he will be my partner in love and business alike.

I love my Groomzilla and can't wait to be his Mrs.
Here is a picture of my groom being a great daddy to our big fat English Bulldog "Atlas".

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