Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's a Piece of Cake!

It's a piece of cake? Yeah not really! Picking a wedding cake can be a pretty tough decision. One of the biggest decisions you have to make is whether you want traditional icing or fondant. I have been asking a lot of my friends/co-workers their preference in the past couple days. I knew I had to hear something pretty good to overcome my love for traditional icing.
Strangely enough, my unofficial survey didn't end the way that I thought it would. Every wedding magazine and website show beautiful cakes with their smooth appearance. Perfect reigns supreme with fondant cakes. I thought for sure this would be the front runner.

I grew up on traditional icing cakes. My mom made the majority of my childhood birthday cakes. She made clowns, Disney characters, all sorts of amazing cakes. She was known for her cake decorating and other parents soon wanted these beautiful creations for their children's birthdays.

I always tell my mom that she should start her own cake decorating business. She is amazing. People still want my mom to do their cakes. My cousin, Michelle, got married a couple years ago. Growing up, she was a beneficiary of my mom's amazing cakes and she always knew my mom would do her wedding cake. The result? See for yourself...

I will tell you, there was cake left for an army! This was a massive cake. My mom did a great job. My sister helped out quite a bit on the details. These are talented women. Seriously, shouldn't they go into business together?
Ok back to the survey...

Bride #1 - Traditional
Bride #2 - Traditional
Groom of B #2 - Traditional
Culinary School Grad - Traditional

Fondant scored none in my very small yet super fun survey.
To give fondant its credit, you really get a flawless look with it. Since fondant is a sugary concoction with a similar consistency to a tootsie roll, it is easily flattened to be smooth over the surface of the cake. Once the fondant is smoothed down the look is really clean and smooth.

Check out these beautiful creations with fondant.

Can you tell the difference? Which one is fondant and which one traditional icing?

They look pretty similar right?? Ok, here's the hint I learned.... Fondant has rounded edges. The traditional icing has straight edges. Do you see it now?
And now for the fun part. As you already guessed, my groom and I chose traditional icing. We want a very simple cake. I appreciate simple and classic. Below are two of our favorite designs. I have totally left it up to my mom whether she wants to do our cake. I want her to be able to enjoy everything and relax. All secrets told, I would love for her to do our cake. Time will only tell!


  1. Ooooh, I love the one on the left...

  2. I love the look of the fondant and how it makes everything looks so nice and clean but to be honest it tastes like crap. My fiance and I chose to have a buttercream cake and this lady makes buttercream look like fondant but tastes like the yummyness of buttercream. Good Luck deciding.