Sunday, April 26, 2009

Extra, Extra Read All About It

The program to me is one of the most functional pieces of your ceremony decor. The program can act to set the theme and colors of your wedding but it can also really educate your guests on you, the couple, and everyone/thing surrounding you.

I was recently at a friend's wedding where they incorperated several cultural traditions. Their programs were used in part to bring their guests up to speed. This really made her guests feel like they were a part of her day. It also gave them a better appreciation for her culture.

After giving it a lot of thought, I think we will go with a booklet format for our program. Our ceremony will actually be quite short but I would like to introduce some interesting/exciting things to our guests about our engagement, our bridal party, and our personal histories. Having information like this really gets your guests thinking about you and your day. Plus, they won't be wondering for how long you have known your maid of honor or third bridesmaid from the center. Short blurbs about your wedding party can help guests put names and faces together that they might have heard about before. This will give them talking pieces later at the reception. Programs can also be used to highlight the engagement or honeymoon details. Your boss or co-worker might not know every detail of the engagement but might just find it adorable how your fiance fumbled when he put that ring on your finger. Also, the program is a great place to honor those that have past.

These are some programs that I really like. I think we can easily create these ourselves in our colors.
What do you think?
I personally love the idea of the fan program but since we will be getting married in January, even if it is Florida, I don't think they will be necessary. :)

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  1. Our program design went awry due to our printer so ended up combining our program with our favors. I was really happy with the result though! I like the booklet format too and all the personalizations you can include!