Friday, April 24, 2009

A novice blogger

Ok so here goes. This is my first shot at blogging. I must say that this is pretty far outside of my element. By nature I am a very very private person. I like my private life to remain, well... Private. However, since the most exciting time in many girls life is occurring for me, I decided I had to share with the world.

My wedding is set for January 30, 2010. The groom is an adorably funny, intellegent man named Kareem. We are so far into the wedding planning that I suspect we've reached the point of no return. My favorite joke right now is that everything is set. The date, the place, the time; the only thing that is still subject to change is the groom. There isn't a deposit down on him, so I figure I still can trade him out. LOL.

I have learned that wedding planning is fun when it is someone elses, but incredibly stressful when it is yours. Through this blog I hope to share the exciting details as we plan along, and get some great ideas from other brides out there. Of course commiserating about the drags of dealing with different vendors, ect. is necessary as well!

I hope you enjoy my page!


  1. YOU HAVE A BLOG!!! I am SO excited!!!! :) Watch out - it is addicting!!!

  2. You have to give me advice on how to work this thing! I am such a novice!!