Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seven things I Learned as a Bride on a Budget

Groomzilla and I are taking care of the majority of our wedding on our own. Therefore, some bridal budgeting has certainly been taking place. I thought I would share some everyday cost saving tips that I have learned along the way of being a Bride on a Budget...

1)Limit your Dining Out - Groomzilla and I have learned that the majority of our expendable income goes to dining out. We actually LOVE to dine out. Since both of us are extremely busy, dining out has become a convenient truth. A tip to dining out less it to plan quick and easy meals for during the week. This has really helped in our overall nights out on the town. I used to go to the grocery store on my way home from work so that the stuf was fresh. I have learned planning a whole week of meals keeps us from dining out during the week (when we are especially tired and inclined to dine out rather than cook). The sheer idea of wasting what we already purchased to cook keeps us from straying.

2) If you dine out, Join the Club! Let's face it, you don't have to be a bride on a budget to be ON a budget these days. A positive way this has impacted dining out is that many restaurants are offering amazing deals and coupons. If you plan on dining out, join the club! Most restaurants have offers to join their "clubs". They'll send you special deals and coupons via email that can save you tons! For instance I joined the Boizao Steakhouse club prior to dinner out with a group of friends celebrating Groomzilla's birthday. With the coupon I got for joining the club, we saved $250.00 for the 8 of us! It was great! The friends enjoyed it and we all liked saving a little cash. Be sure to check out all of you favorite restaurants websites for these amazing offers.

3) If you dine out, Don't Drink! This is really two-fold. 1) We have learned that waiting until after dinner to have a nightcap at home is actually really enjoyable. We have a dinner without the bottle of wine we usually might splurge on out on the town and get home safely to have a little drink to top off the evening. It goes without saying that drinks on the town are not bridal budget friendly. 2) If you dining out for lunch or a casual dinner, drink water. Most places charge around $2.00 for a soda. This is a great one because it also limits your calorie intake, which of course most brides are happy to be doing.

4)Find alternative to expensive nights out with friends. We have started inviting friends over
for dinner rather than going to an expensive restaurant. Also, we have hosted Wii game nights.
Everyone loves a little Mario Cart.

5) Buy an Entertainment Book. Most metro areas have these and they are packed full of
great savings. The Tampa area book has grocery store coupons. Although the coupons are not
for my favorite grocery store, I found that my fav, Publix, takes them! There is one coupon
for each month for $5.00 off $50.00. How great is that? The Entertainment Book has tons of
coupons for local restaurants, movie theaters, museums and the like. The book usually costs
no more than $20.00 which you will undoubtedly recoup. Use these coupons for budget friendly
date nights and outings with friends.

6) Ruined clothes? Think again. Save money on new rags by thinking outside the box on old
ones. For instance, I burned one of my favorite black dresses with the iron. It was right on the
lapel, a most obvious location. My cost free fix? I found an adorable costume clip-on earring I
had in my jewelry box (one I would likely never wear on my ear) and pinned it right over the
burned area. Who would know?? Well I guess now you do, but you're not telling right?
Actually, I even have gotten compliments on my beautiful "brooch". Now if only I can figure out
a solution to all those pairs of shoes this guy has eaten!

7) Stick together! Staying on budget for a wedding can be tough. Remember that you are in it
together. When one is about to give in to a splurge, the other should softly remind that it is only
a matter of time when bridal budget breakdowns will be a thing of the past and splurges are

Add to my list! What are your favorite bride on a budget tips?

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