Friday, July 10, 2009

To Theme or Not to Theme?

That is the question. A couple weeks ago, Groomzilla, The Wedding Planner, and I met with the rehersal dinner site again.

The date and time are confirmed and Groomzilla's parents are on board.. The question now turns to.. To theme or not to theme? As a reminder, we are having it at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. Here is a photo...

We have such a festive location it really lends itself to theme. We thought we would go with 1920's-1930's inspired which really plays a perfect seguey to our wedding location.

I know that all of my bridesmaids are all about the theme. They are already planning out their hair and dresses.

Bridesmaids aside, what do you think about a theme at the rehersal dinner?

Our thoughts are to make it "theme optional" so that people won't feel like they have to dress in theme. What do you think?? Also, have any great websites with 1920's-1930's style inspired dresses you'd recommend?

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