Friday, July 10, 2009

Let them eat...

Cake! Some of you might have already read my post about my mom being an expert cake baker.. She has been making birthday cakes for me since before I could walk.

When mom came to visit several weeks ago she realized the logistical difficulty in getting a dressed up wedding cake to Sarasota in the back of a Mini Cooper. She won't be making the wedding cake but she is committed to making me a cake for one of my parties in the Midwest. (She just doesn't know it yet, LOL).

The Wedding Planner told us about an amazing lady that does cakes in Sarasota. Her prices are VERY reasonable and she is sooo talented.

Groomzilla, The Wedding Planner, and I met with last Friday. She is such a doll!! She has amazing creations and did I mention the price?? We are so excited to have another check off our list!

Our cake will be a combination of these two designs...


  1. Very pretty, It's sucha relief to check that one off the list of 300 other things to do.

  2. Our cake looked a lot like the first one- I like the idea of mixing it with the second. It will be beautiful.