Thursday, July 16, 2009

Something Blue!! The perfect cure to Naked Finger Syndrome.

My Groomzilla is the sweetest ever!! As background, my wedding band came in a couple weeks ago. (I know, ooohhhh and aahhhhhs, believe me, I was ecstatic!). My elation turned to concern when I looked at the two rings together and something just looked off. Groomzilla agreed; so we sent the two rings back to the store in hopes that they could make them look right.

Well this meant a naked finger for me. Ladies, have you experienced this? When my ring is off my finger, I feel anxious. I have seconds where I rub its usual location with my thumb, realize it isn't there, and then go into full fledged panic mode thinking I lost it. Not fun.

Groomzilla recognized Naked Finger Syndrome and came to my rescue. On HIS birthday, before we went out to eat with his friends he used his early release from work to go to the store and buy me this...

It is even from my favorite crystal store, you might have heard of them :) Groomzilla is so amazing! I can't believe I have to wait 198 days to marry him!

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